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Waxing is the fastest growing male grooming service!

The Male Waxing

All locations now offering Male Braz​ilians!​

Waxing is not only a need for women but men as well. Trust in our aestheticians to help you get rid of unwanted body hair and leave you with smooth skin for 2-6 weeks (depending on personal hair growth rate).

It is our priority to make it as comfortable as possible by properly prepping the skin and using pain relief methods of cooling Aloe and pressure after removing the wax strip. We also gladly offer a free patch test before continuing the service.

The Male Brazilian is a service that is growing in popularity. Men want the smoothness of waxing vs. the irritation of shaving. Please see The Brazilian section of our website for more information. We offer this professional service. in a clean and sanitized salon by a licensed professional and experienced Esthetician.

  • Mankini (waxing of sides and top of speedo area) 30
  • Male French Brazilian (waxing of genital area only or waxing of buttock crease and top of pubic area only) 70
  • Male Follow Up Brazilian* (Brazilian returning client at 5 weeks) 65
  • Male Brazilian (waxing of all hair from top of pubic are to buttock crease) 80
  • Male Deluxe Brazilian (waxing and treatment mask) 90

  • Male Deluxe Brazilian Follow Up 70

  • Male Buttocks Full (cheeks and 

  • inner bum) 40

  •  Buttocks (cheeks only) 30

  • Clarifying Brazilian Treatment 40 for returning Brazilian clients who are experiencing ingrown hairs. A spa service focusing on removal of surfaced ingrown hairs. that are often causing irritation and bumps. Must wait a minimum of 24 hours after waxing. You can receive this service anytime between Brazilians.

  • Eyebrow Wax 25
  • Chest 40
  • Stomach 30
  • Chest and Stomach 60
  • Full Back 60
  • Half Back 40
  • Shoulders 25
  • Full Back and Shoulders 80
  • Full Legs 90
  • Half Legs 45
  • Full Arms 48
  • Half Arms 35

Services marked with an * are priced as a special and/or discounted service and are not valid for other specials, coupons, and discounts.

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