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Get that warm GLO all year! 

GLO By Doll is located inside Doll Wax Salon

call or text to book your GLO

We have 3 locations. Please confirm your appointments location next to your service providers name. Thank you:)

For your best custom spray tan results please read the following instructions. Not properly preparing your skin could give unsatisfactory results.


Do Not Spray Tan If

*You're allergic to solution or very sensitive skin that reacts to other self tanners.

*You are not able to let the solution process for 4-12 hours without showering

*You have severe breathing conditions

*You have a severe skin disorder (skin conditions could be aggravated by solution)

24 Hours Before


*Facials and Waxing services 

*Exfoliate gently your entire body.

Day of (before) Service

*Shower using a non moisturizing soap

*Do not moisturize skin after showering

*Do not apply makeup or deodorant. If you do, you must remove before service.

*Wear comfortable loose fitting clothes to your service. Flip flops or other comfortable shoes recommended.

*For service we recommend dressing how you’re comfortable. Females can be fully nude, in your bathing suit or underwear. For full male nude service please book The Man Tan.

*We will cover your hair with a hair net. We will also offer feet stickys to protect bottom of feet from color.

*Bronzers do not typically stain clothing but we cannot guarantee it.

*Bring a towel to protect your car seat.

*Expecting rainy weather? Bring an umbrella

*Sleep in full covered clothing to protect sheets.

*Avoid sweating, animals licking skin or any other activity that causes disruption to solution on skin during processing time.

After Processing

*Shower with slightly warm water. Using your hands only, wipe the bronzer off of your skin until water runs clear.

*Avoid washing your hair the first shower.

*Use mild soap on bits and pits if you want.

*Be gentle when drying off. Light patting recommended.

*Resume normal makeup and deodorant routine.

*Moisturize generously daily with alcohol free moisturizer.

*Avoid exfoliating skincare. Avoid anti acne and anti aging treatments and moisturizers. Use simple cleansers and hydration.

*For longer lasting results use a daily gradual tanning body lotion or touch up with our GLO Kit.

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