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Male and Female Brazilian services available at all of our locations!

Brazilian Tips

  1. Consider the benefits, such as less hair, slower and softer regrowth, no razor burn, reduced body odor, and less ingrown hair.

  2. Research salons, even us, look for positive and detailed reviews. If customer service and cleanliness matter, then most likely you will as well.

  3. Brazilian wax is our #1 service with over 450 appointments done in a week.

  4. The average appointment time is 30 minutes.

  5. Waxing regularly will reduce the amount of overall hair. 

  6. We cannot accommodate hair shorter than 1/4 inch. Be sure the hair is 1/2 inch or more. Please don't trim.

  7. No sex, sun, sweat, or swimming for the next 24 to 48 hours following the service.

  8. We remove all hair from front to back. Some choose to leave a little something upfront like a triangle or strip.

  9. It is very common to have a few stubbles left behind as hair goes through different growth cycles. Returning every 5 weeks will help minimize this and keep you smoother longer.

  10. Our clients often say it was way easier than they expected.

  11. We offer wipes at the beginning and end of the service. We also leave you with a cover to use in the room. However, we will be removing it during the process as this will give you a better waxing service. We will return the cover at the end.

  12. When doing the service, all we see is hair. We pay close attention to its direction, length, texture, and thickness.

  13. Our oils may contain almond oil. Please let us know if you have any allergies.

  14. You will be laying on your back through the whole process. To do the backside, we will have you draw your knees to your chest with back support from a pillow.
  15. Waxing should be done 2-3 days before a special event or trip.

  16. It is normal to feel awkward at the beginning. But do not worry. We have seen it all. We have heard it all. Normal body functions are acceptable and happen often, nothing to apologize for. However, we are a professional salon and any misconduct will immediately stop service. 

  17. We will ask for your assistance to hold your skin tightly as this will make the removal process gentler and more effective.

  18. Ladies, if you are on your period  you may keep your appointment. We service clients everyday on their period. Please note we request you wear a tampon during the service, 

  19. Follow your Estheticians skincare recommendations,

  20. After your waxing session  your hair follicles are open for a few days. Keep the area clean and avoid touching it with unclean hands as this can transfer bacteria. If you notice an ingrown hair, please restrain from picking it and continue to exfoliate daily.
  21. Must be 18 or have parental consent at the first visit.
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