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Are you ready to WAX!

Before your visit:

1. Read The Waxing Safety section of our website. Waxing is a skin service and skin that either has underlying conditions, is being compromised thru certain medications, has a sunburn or is treated with exfoliating skincare could experience side effects. In addition. we reserve the right to decline services on at risk individuals based on our experience and education for the protection of client safety.

2. Let It Grow!! We want you to stop shaving for at least 2 weeks before your visit. Don't worry, your hair can't grow too long to wax BUT it can be too short. So don't trim! We love waxing so this is a no judgment zone. If your hair is not at least 1/4 inch long we will have to reschedule you.

3. Speaking of No Judgment Zone, we want you to know we wax all types of people. Waxing, like haircuts, is universal. Every size, age, race and gender gets waxed!

4. Book Your Appointment! We can get busy so times and days can fill up quickly. We allow appointments to be booked up to 5 weeks ahead. However, we do require a 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule. 

Day Before Your Appointment:

1. Look at your hair length, is it long enough?

2. Watch for your reminder email indicating your chosen services, location and provider for your appointment.

3. Gently exfoliate(buff or scrub) area to be waxed. This fluffs the hairs and removes dead skin giving you a nice waxing. 

Day Of Appointment:

1. Show Up! You got this! We wax 500+ clients a week and each other. Our clients have expressed no signs of discomfort to some discomfort. We will talk and walk you through the whole service.

2. Upon arriving we ask you to fill out a consultation form.

3. If you're receiving a Brazilian wax we will give you a couple of wipes to freshen up. 

4. We give you privacy to undress and dress, when applicable. 

5. We'll be there to answer your questions.

6. After your service you may be pink on waxed area and mildly sensitive.

7. Don't forget your After Wax Homecare products. Our products range $2-$19, they soothe and exfoliate to keep your skin its best!

For 24 Hours After Your Appointment:

1. Keep It Clean! Avoid activities that cause sweating and moisture in waxed area. Let your skin rest.

2. Best to avoid sex, sun, sweat and swimming.

3. Avoid very hot showers.

Now What?!

1. If you haven't already book your next appointment. Face waxing clients like to be waxed every 3-4 weeks. Body services can go 4-6 weeks.

2. Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Daily exfoliating sloughs off dead skin that can accumulate and cause ingrown hairs. When your hair begins to grow back in 2-3 weeks it needs to be able to come up through the skin. Restricting clothing, dead skin and bacteria can clog pores preventing this.

Why Wax?

1. Hair type. Some clients hair type does not take well to shaving. Their skin becomes irritated and itchy. Sometimes causing deep ingrowns and scarring. 

2. Hair is removed from the root. The removed hair now has to grow from the root again. Regrowth takes weeks. 

3. Hair grows back softer because the tip is rounded. Shaved hair is cut on a piercing angle by the razor. Shaved hairs feel prickly and often cause itchiness and abrasion.

4. No Razor Burn! No Chemical Burn! No Failed Laser Services!

5. Reduction in hair growth over time. 

6. Softer skin for dayssss! Not hours like shaving.

7. Removes hair root so legs look smoother without follicle showing at surface, 

8. Waxing actually removes the whole hair. Other services only remove hair at surface.

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